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SKU: 208055 XO Speculum

XO Speculum
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  • SKU: 208055 XO Speculum

  • $250.00


This is it! The XO speculum! What makes this speculum so special? Well, a few things. For one, the bills on the XO speculum are moved apart by a nice large knurled screw on the handle. This allows you to open them very firmly, but gradually. What this means is that once the speculum is inserted, someone can get comfortable with it for a while, then crack the bills apart a little more, then a little more, then a little more again until a nice gape is achieved. The psychological effect of feeling and seeing the anus opened up by the XO speculum is incredible.
Why is the XO speculum more expensive than a regular Graves speculum? Well, a few reasons. The main one is the construction. This XO speculum is made of forgings, rather than stamped metal. This means the bills do not have sharp sheet metal edges, rather they are nicely rounded over because the metal is so thick. Just take a look at the weight. At almost one and a half pounds, when you pick up the XO speculum you can really feel the quality.
For dimensions of the XO speculum, see the last few photos where a scale is pictured to give an idea of the dimensions in inches.
These are a very hard to get item, and we are proud to finally carry them. The XO speculum will definitely not disappoint.