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Vacu Loc Accesory for Spreader Bar Plug Attachment

We make three attachments for our spreader bars. These three items are designed to work in conjunction with either the Huse stocks or spreader bar. What they allow you to do is have the spreader bar not only hold the legs apart, but also hold either a Doc Johnson Vacu Loc type dildo or Huse electro plug inside a person. This is accomplished through two adapters, either the Electro Plug (picture 1) or the Vacu Loc (picture 2) adapter will work with the spreader bar attachment. The spreader bar attachment consists of two stainless steel tubes with a threaded rod that may be rotated to either extend or compress the tubes (picture 3). Opposing threads on the tubes accomplish this so that turning the threaded rod one way extends it, the other way shortens it. Maximum extension is twenty nine inches. Fully closed the attachment measures fifteen inches. The spreader bar attachment is connected to either our spreader bar or stocks (picture 4) simply by sliding one of the stock or spreader bar tubes off, sliding the short section of tube on the spreader bar attachment onto the center tube of the stocks or spreader bar, and reassembling. All pieces are sold separately. Therefore in addition to either a set of our stock or one of out spreader bars, you will need the spreader bar attachment as well as the Vacu Loc attachment or the Electro Plug attachment. This attachment works only with our stainless steel stocks or spreader bars. It is not designed to work with any other of the spreader bars we sell.