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Thigh to Wrist Restraint

The leather on these restraints is nice and smooth on the inside. It is not rough or suede like at all. This construction allows you to cinch the cuffs super snug on the thigh . Often this is a concern with thigh cuffs since unless they are adjusted right they have a tendency to slip, especially when standing. That wont happen with these. The wrist restraints attach to the thigh cuff with a removable quick link. This allows you to detach the cuff for increased versatility. The thigh cuffs make for great hog tie scenes and generally open up a whole new way to immobilize someone for use.
Adjustment range:
Thigh cuff: 22 - 31 inches
Wrist cuff: 7 - 12 inches
Wrist to thigh cuffs are sold by the pair. When you order you receive two thigh cuffs, two wrist cuffs and two quick links to connect them for the price shown above.