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Stainless Steel Super Pony Plug

This one has been quite a while in development but we finally got it right. A stainless steel butt plug with a detachable pony tail. Not only that but take a careful look at the top picture. Notice how the tail comes up and has a nice fall to it? That's because unlike other horse tail plugs this tail comes out of the plug at an upwards angle. In addition, the tail unscrews from the plug for easy cleaning. Below is the plug shown with the tail unscrewed. Also shown is the plug with the crack rider attachment installed. This attachment is included with the plug. We found that with some people who were either more open anally or used a lot of lube the plug would sometimes rotate. The little bead rides up in the ass crack and prevents this. If needed the wire can be bent by the user for a more custom fit. Notice also in the bottom picture that there is a hole drilled in the base of the plug visible when the tail is unscrewed. This hole will accept a banana plug, thus allowing the pony plug to also be used as a single pole device with a Folsom or TENS type unit. Also note that these plugs will accept any of the jewel attachments for our jeweled plugs (shown elsewhere on the site)

pony plug

pony plug blond tail


(all dimensions are in inches and are nominal )

Length of plug to base not including threaded portion 3.25

Length of threaded portion 0.425

Plug diameter at widest point: 1.375

Plug diameter at neck: 0.44