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SKU: 217001 Stainless Steel Manacles

Stainless Steel Manacles
Purchase Stainless Steel Manacles
  • SKU: 217001 Stainless Steel Manacles

  • $135.00


We think our all metal dungeon manacles represent the cleanest design for this type of restraint out there. The cuffs as well as the entire locking mechanism and chain are of stainless steel. No more rust stains to worry about. TIG welded throughout for the utmost in appearance. All are based on the same locking mechanism, which provides complete security at two levels. First a tube contains a captive stainless socket head screw. This is tightened down with the provided key. The slave will be unable to escape without the key. For additional security a small padlock can be added that blocks the tube. To undo the manacles the padlock first has to be unlocked; then the key is used to turn the screw. Cuffs are finished to a shiny burnished finish and catch the light with every turn. They truly represent the top of the line for this type of device. Wrist manacles come in two sizes: small (6.5 inch circumference) and large (8 inch circumference). Ankle manacles are sized small (10.5 inches circumference) and large (11.5 circumference) as well. Note that ankle manacles have a longer chain to allow hobbled walking.