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SKU: 105005 Spank Bench

Spank Bench
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  • SKU: 105005 Spank Bench

  • $875.00


Our spank bench is as good as it gets for functional dungeon furniture. Steel frame with diamond plate aluminum legs. The legs can crank together or apart using the oversized hand wheel. The center portion also can be raised and lowered with the large acme threaded screw post and hand wheel. The psychological sensation of having ones legs cranked apart can be very subduing. Available in powder coated black finish. Latest update - Due to popular demand we have now added attachment points to secure the wrists, legs and upper body. Note: Straps, cuffs and knee braces do not come with the spank bench, they are ordered separately.

Dimensions - The Spank Bench occupies a four foot square footprint when assembled. Keep in mind that you will likely want access on all four sides once set up. The bench breaks down and ships in a 48 inch by 24 inch by 16 inch box via UPS. Assembly is five bolts and should take about fifteen minutes once the bench is unpacked.