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SKU: 208056 Rack and Pinion Speculum

Rack and Pinion Speculum
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  • SKU: 208056 Rack and Pinion Speculum

  • $150.00


A unique speculum that operates with a rack and pinion mechanism to spread the two bills laterally. The advantage of this system is that maximum leverage can be used to spread the bills as wide as possible, much more effective than other methods. One of the bills can also be tilted by way of a second wing nut so at to open more deeply inside, as well as holding the speculum in place. Beautiful forged construction with stunning chrome plating make this speculum extra smooth, and very suitable for use anally as well as vaginally.
Length of bills - 5 inches
Width closed - 1 inch
Width open (bills parallel) - 2 inches
Width at maximum blade tilt - 3 inches near end, 6 inches far end.
All dimensions are nominal