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SKU: 204011 Posture Collars

Posture Collars
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  • SKU: 204011 Posture Collars

  • $89.95


A posture collar is used to hold the head firmly in position for an attentive appearance. In addition the posture collar renders the wearer totally available for oral mounting, and this is, in fact, its primary function. This posture collar does all of this beautifully, giving the head a slight upward tilt, making the mouth available and straightening the throat for a very special ride. Posture collars are very restrictive so the edges on ours have a second piece of leather rolled over them to prevent the edge of the collar from cutting into the jaw. The eyelet's accent the collar and set it and the slave who wears it apart from the others. With locking roller buckle in back and a tie ring in front. Available in black with eyelets. Also available in all black with no eyelets or with rolled red edge. Two sizes s/m (14-17.5 inches), m/l (15.5-19 inches).