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SKU: 218140 Pony Plug with FlipTail

Pony Plug with FlipTail
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  • SKU: 218140 Pony Plug with FlipTail

  • $55.00


Finally a soft horse tail butt plug with a tail that hangs right. Normally the tail comes straight out the back of the plug. With this plug the tail comes out at an almost vertical angle from the plug so that the tail has a nice upward flip to it before hanging down. It looks a lot nicer than the tail simply pointing straight down and hanging there. The tail just moves better with the wearers hips as well. The mold and casting for this plug are a bit complicated, but we think the result is worth it. Real horse hair in a choice of three colors. Tail length is between sixteen and twenty inches measured from where it comes out of the plug. Real horse hair tail, certified skin safe silicone plug.

Dimensions (all are nominal)

Diameter at widest inserted point: 2 inches
Diameter at neck:1 1/8 inches
Length of inserted portion: 4 5/8 inches
Length overall: 6 inches