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SKU: 201023 Mini Gag Spider Gag

Mini Gag Spider Gag
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  • SKU: 201023 Mini Gag Spider Gag

  • $60.00


Glad you finally found it. Yes, this is the original "spider gag" that we invented in the mid 90's and has been used in countless videos you may have seen.
Of all the products we invented, this is probably the single most copied and for that we feel truly flattered.
Our ring gags are certainly the most effective ring gags available. This is what makes them some of our most popular designs. We designed these gags with the thought that some would like to have their mouth available for use but simply don't like to cock suck. Others would like to perhaps use someone's mouth, but hate it if that person is proactive about it. Still others simply just want a reliable way to face fuck. That's who we designed these spider gags for.
Gag rings are interchangeable to allow for different mouths in both the 2nd Gen Ring Gag (this is actually the original version, the mini gag came second) and the Mini Gag. The ring is stainless 1/8 inch rod. This is both more comfortable to wear and allows more secure placement than ring gags using heavier rings. In the past some slaves were known to manipulate the ring and flip it out of their mouths. For this reason the ring has been made more secure with retention arms. It cannot be flipped out once it is placed in. These gags are each a work of art in stainless steel. The spiky sidebars on these two gags give a very striking appearance. The simplicity and light weight of the Mini Gag make it easy to wear for long periods and for those who might have trouble with the extra weight of the 2nd Generation Ring Gag. The red anodized aluminum tubes on each side of the ring really highlight the piece. The subjects mouth is somewhat silenced but nicely held open for use with both gags. The ring comes in various sizes, 1.75" works for most people. The ring gag strap is black leather with lockable buckle.
One question we do get asked quite often about this gag is: "do you sell what's known as a spider gag?" or "do you know where I can get the gag like they use on the Insex site?" To answer those questions, yes, this is it. Some have said the ring looks like a spider and hence the term spider gag. Insex appears to have modified the gag by substituting a rubber strap for the leather strap but it is our gag they are using. We invented this gag and are the sole distributors of it.

Note that all measurements are approximate and are the inside diameter of the ring, outside diameters measure 0.25 inches larger. Thus a 2 inch ring would measure 2.25 inches nominally on the outside diameter.