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SKU: 220015 Lube Tube

Lube Tube
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  • SKU: 220015 Lube Tube

  • $10.00


When we first heard of this item we thought it was really lame.
Do you really need to buy something to apply lube to someone's ass?
"Go away lame distributer who is trying to push a bunch of silly ass lube appliers on us" said we
So finally the supplier gave up and just threw a couple of them in our order and asked us to try them out.
You know what? These things work.
Ok, well, they work for a specific thing, and that thing is pounding someone's ass like in a filthy porn.
If you want to just simply sodomize your partner for a little break on the way to the reception, this isn't going to do a lot for you.
However, if you have some time set aside and want to pump someone's ass like an oil derrick for an hour or so, this is the item to have.
Ever wonder how those porn stars can take cock after anal cock and still keep smiling like they are on a toothpaste commercial?
This is it. Pump em full of lube and then have at it.
If you are someone who starts thinking of your partners ass every time they see the blast doors open on NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain complex, and are willing to put in the effort, this thing is great.
Comes with two applicators, this is a cheesy throw away item, which is a departure for us.
It works, its cheap, Cheyenne Mountain, ass, that's all you need to know.