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SKU: 218080 KB Style Enema Tips

KB Style Enema Tips
Purchase KB Style Enema Tips
  • SKU: 218080 KB Style Enema Tips

  • $30.00


These over size enema tips are definitely for someone special. They come in two styles, four sizes each style. The KB style is nice and tapered on both the tip and the neck. A nice smooth glide in is possible with this tip. Removal will be slow and gentle.

  Diameter at Widest Point Diameter and Narrowest Point Length Overall, without barb
KB-1 (far left) 1.25 inches 0.5 inches 5.75 inches
KB-2 1.5 inches 0.625 inches 5.75 inches
KB-3 1.625 inches 1 inches 5.75 inches
KB-T (in hand) 2.25 inches 1.125 inch 7.5 inches

NOTE - ONLY Sizes KB-1, KB-2 and KB-T are available.