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SKU: 211012 Ice Lock

Ice Lock
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  • SKU: 211012 Ice Lock

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This is one of those things you read about in stories, it sounds pretty clever, you want to do it but just can't find the item. Well, here it is, the Ice Lock. You pull the two halves apart, fill with water, reinsert and freeze the entire thing. Once frozen, you can then lock one loop on the Ice Lock to a ring on the floor, the other to whatever restraint the subject is wearing. They are then attached to that point and stay put until the ice thaws. Another cool thing you can do with this is use this as a ball weight. Attach one ring to a parachute (see related items below) the other to some weights, tie em up and watch them grin and bear it until the ice melts and drops the weights. The ice lock is one of those items you get for one use and keep dreaming up new ones.
9 inches overall length
1.25 Loop interior diameter
Barrel 2 inch diameter 5.5 inches long
Unlock time - The Ice Lock was filled to almost full capacity (to allow for water/ice expansion) and frozen overnight. The next day it was hung in a room at 68 degrees Fahrenheit with a 10 pound weight suspended from it. The time for the weight to drop was almost exactly three hours. This would represent the maximum unlock time. Shorter unlock times could possibly be achieved by filling with less water initially.