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SKU: 302027 Huse Electric Butt Plug

Huse Electric Butt Plug
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  • SKU: 302027 Huse Electric Butt Plug

  • $175.00


We are proud to present the most durable electro sex toys available. Each plug is designed to accept banana plug connections. They can be used with Folsom Electric, Eros Tek or Pleasure Tec equipment or similar. What makes our plugs different? Well for one thing, the construction. While most plugs use a thin foil contact strip along the length, ours use solid stainless steel bars set into the plastic. The bars are machined down on a computer controlled lathe for an exact fit. The bars are locked in by both the urethane base and a military spec adhesive. These plugs are super heavy duty, we feel they represent the absolute highest quality available.

Some Comparisons
Huse Electro Sex Toys Other Electro Sex Toys Comments
Solid stainless steel bar contacts Foil Strip contacts Foil easily scratched or damaged, Stainless lasts forever, more rugged construction means more thorough cleaning is possible.
Jacks for cables are drilled into solid bar stock Much better durability with our system. The hole will never wear out, jacks often loosen over time resulting in "jiggle the plug" syndrome.
Machined solid acrylic rod and stainless steel construction Cast construction for plastic components Better surface finish on Huse plugs. The stainless bars add reinforcement resulting in a stronger plug.


Overall length - 4.5 inches

Diameter at wide point - 1.5 inches

Diameter at neck - 1 inch

Number of contacts - 2

If you want to know more about how to hook up these E stim plugs we have a book that we use when teaching classes on the subject of E stim. Click the button below and the booklet will open in another window.

E Stim Instructions