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SKU: 218132 Hollow Butt Plugs

Hollow Butt Plugs
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  • SKU: 218132 Hollow Butt Plugs

  • $40.00


Hollow Silicone butt plugs in Skiploader and Excavator styles.
These hollow butt plugs are just amazing. When inserted you can see way up inside someone, but they have other benefits besides the ability to look up someones asshole. For one, they can make insertion easier. Keep in mind these are fairly large butt plugs so someone should be able to wear at least a medium size and preferably a large size regular butt plug before moving on to these. If that is the case, stepping up to the larger sizes like the Excavator and Skiploader butt plugs could be easier in a hollow style. This is because pressure is equalized on both inside and outside the ass due to the bore. You simply aren't trying to displace all the volume of air that the plug represents as you would with a regular plug. Another advantage is longer plugging times are possible because gas can escape. A final benefit of the hollow butt plugs is the neck, because it is hollow, the neck is more flexible than the solid versions of these butt plugs. They are both made with the same urethane, but this additional flexibility due to the bore through the butt plug means the neck will flex more, making sitting down a little easier. We are pretty proud we could come up with a molding technique that would allow us to offer these hollow butt plugs, we hope you like them too.
Skiploader - 6" long, 2 3/8" diameter at widest point, 1.25" diameter at neck, 0.625" diameter bore.
Excavator - 6.25 inches long, 2.75 inches diameter at widest point, 1.625 inches at neck, 1" diameter bore.
All sizes are nominal.

Made in the USA by us from certified skin safe silicone.