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SKU: 302001 Folsom PSG 202

Folsom PSG 202
Purchase Folsom PSG 202
  • SKU: 302001 Folsom PSG 202

  • $245.00


The Folsom 202 power source provides a nice signal that almost everyone describes as pleasurable. It is not a lower powered version of the MAX box. The 202 is great to start with either as warm up or as your first power box since few find its output anything other than pleasant. If you later decide you want the MAX box there will be no redundancy. This power source now features a boost switch to bump the output up quite a bit. This now makes it a very good all around box for those at the pleasure end of the spectrum. Comes with two sets of leads which will connect to any of our plugs. Powered by a 9 volt battery, also includes an AC power adapter. Folsom PSG Max shown left, Folsom PSG 202 shown right.

If you want to know more about how to hook up these units we have a book that we use when teaching classes on the subject of E stim. Click the button below and the booklet will open in another window.

E Stim Instructions