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SKU: 208034 Equine Speculum

Equine Speculum
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  • SKU: 208034 Equine Speculum

  • $120.00


This speculum is made for horses and cows. We have it here for those that, perhaps, feel that way from time to time. If someone was open enough to take this, the results would be dramatic. The "tri valve" (three blade) design has great aesthetic appeal and opens up the hole in a beautifully symmetric fashion. The size will allow a hand through the opening to feel around inside with complete freedom. If one was able to take this, even partially, they would be opened totally, like an animal. Dimensions: 18" overall length. Bill width at the tip, closed is 2" note: this item is very large, we do not advise full insertion, be aware that any insertion would have to be with a uniquely "open" individual.