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SKU: 218071 Enema Hose Connectors

Enema Hose Connectors
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  • SKU: 218071 Enema Hose Connectors

  • $5.00


Fittings for enema bag set ups. The three hose adapters shown at the top are usually used for connecting the enema bag to the hose. The standard size for our bags is 1/2" hose, 1/2" bag. A smaller 5/6" size is offered for those using smaller hose set ups or who need to adapt a hose size. The Y connector has all three legs in 1/2" size. If can be used for multi bag enema set ups for those who have worked up to taking large enemas. The two tapered fitting shown lower left are for use with the colon tubes. They have either a 5/16" or 1/2" barb on one end and a taper on the other. The taper is 3/4" at the wide end, 5/16" at the base. Since colon tubes come in various sizes, they are fitted to the enema bag hose with a taper.