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SKU: 219011 Deluxe Harness

Deluxe Harness
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  • SKU: 219011 Deluxe Harness

  • $75.00


The perfect strap on harness for heavy fucking. Thick waist and crotch straps are all buckle adjustable for certainty of dildo placement. Getting the cock right where she wants is essential for a lot of women. When a woman has to adjust herself to the harness it can be extremely frustrating for both her and her partner. The strap on harness should fit her body and her individual style. We feel that the range of adjustment this harness has does so amply. High ride thigh straps assure that this harness will not slip down. The deluxe strap on harness is amply sized to fit not just super models but real women who want to ride hard. The deluxe harness is one of our best selling harness, now available in either black or pink leather!