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SKU: 206013 Ball Weights

Ball Weights
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  • SKU: 206013 Ball Weights

  • $70.00


The testicles combine feelings of masculinity and vulnerability in a way unlike any other part of the body. These heavy chrome-plated rings close firmly around the ball sack, for a constant but not uncomfortable feeling of weight and pressure. Discreet enough to be worn under clothing, and secure enough that they will not fall off at inopportune moments. The heft they add is a different experience from wearing a cock ring, and will add new dimensions to anything from sex to simply walking around. Ball Stretchers shown in top picture, left to right: Small with eyebolts attached and hex key (both included), Medium, Large with Ball Crusher attached (sold separately).
Approximate weights:
Large Balls Weight 1.25 pounds
Medium Ball Weight 1 pound
Small Ball Weight 0.5 pounds