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SKU: 201035 Ass Lock Pear Gag Import Version

Ass Lock Pear Gag Import Version
Purchase Ass Lock Pear Gag Import Version
  • SKU: 201035 Ass Lock Pear Gag Import Version

  • $325.00


A different version of the Pear and sometimes sold as an ass lock. For those who might prefer a smaller or more price conscious version of our own Pear (see related products below). This pear operates with a simpler mechanism the the Rupert Huse & Son Pear. The three bills have slots at the base near the pivot point. Pushing the knob moves a disk, which engages the slot and thus opens the bills.
The mechanism in this Pear has the advantage of less moving parts, which means its simpler to construct. However it also means that the range of opening is substantially smaller than our Pear. The action is also noticeably rougher.
Fit and finish are ok but it is clear the design is something of a compromise. For those who want a smaller Pear and can deal with a rougher more limited action in exchange for savings on the price this could represent a good option.
One cool aspect of this design is when the knob is pushed in, a small luggage lock can be run through the protruding pin. In this way it can effectively be locked into someones ass, hence the other term for this device, an ass lock.
Length overall - 5.5 inches
Diameter at widest point of bills closed - 1.625 inches
Diameter bills open - 2.25 inches
Length of bills - 2.5 inches