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The Inspired - these are web sites that don't have anything to do with SM. They show not only the amazing artistic ability of the artists who create them, but what the web can be as an artistic medium. It consistently surprises us that what is arguably the most vital new artistic medium is almost ignored by the "art world". You will almost certainly need a high speed connection to view these sites.

  • Brittle Bones - Marc Stricklin's site, an amazing artist. He is no small inspiration to this site. Unfortunatly this site is no longer up.
  • Conclave Obscurum - Absolutely amazing Flash work. What it all means is anyone's guess.
  • Oculart - Myron Campbell's site. Really original work. Takes a few moments to look and figure out.
  • Kilfish - Kilfish, one of the very first.
  • Miss ASSSNATCH - Miss Asssnatch is someone we followed on You Tube but apparently was banned. For us she defines cool. First of all she knows who Link Wray is, second she apparently has a penchant for drool and filth, and third she can rock the hairy underams on occasion.


  • Ms. Christine -A site dedicated to loving,real-life Femdom relationships. Information, books, and some interesting software!
  • Leather and Roses -Focus is on promoting a healthy point of view on the BDSM lifestyle. Some great texts here and lots of links.
  • -a BDSM community, bringing a distinctive voice to the Web and the world of kinky sex, offering the opportunity to examine your desires in an open yet demanding environment of rich discussion and interaction
  • Arabesque: Body Creations and Design -Beautiful non-piercing sterling body jewelry. Check out the D/s jewelry section!
  • BDSM Cafe
  • Stephen's BDSM page- Great source for BDSM info!
  • Rubber Bob's Page- Rubber Bob has been leading "THE INSTITUTE" for quite some time now. A legend to rubber fans and a must see for the "corrections" oriented.
  • The English Palace - "Where fantasy beckons...and dreams become reality"
  • Pucker Up - Our favourite anal - Tristan Taormino's web site
  • Internal Enslavement - This web site speaks from a male top female bottom point of view. The FAQ page alone is worth the visit. One of the few sites out there that "gets it".
  • Restrooms.Org - OK, I don't know if this can really be considered "lifestyle" but it sure is for the woman who runs this site. We applaud her efforts. The whole site revolves around restrooms with particular attention to women's wants, needs and desire for a better restroom experience. What does this all boil down to? Basically a lot of information on how women can learn to piss standing up.This includes avoiding drips, how to not spray and what sort of clothing to wear! In addition there is coverage of the various attempts to create female specific urinals, such as the Sanistand, a plumbing fixture we would kill to get our hands on here at Rupert Huse & Son.

    Female Urinal



Search Engines, Directories and Indexes

Local Resources and Groups

The Eroticism of Fame

  • Linda Blair - Some consider Rupert Huse & Son a little scary or on the edge. Well in its day The Exorcist was certainly on the edge. Surely there has never been a bigger turn on scene than Linda revolving her head in the possession scenes in this movie. To her credit, Ms. Blair really seems to have fun with the fact that she played such an infamous roll. Sure she's a vegetarian and would probably have problems with how much leather we sell, but we still love her here. There probably isn't an actress alive who is so famously known for one horror movie and a lesbian rape scene ( Born Innocent ) who carries it off with such dignity. Linda Blair is true class as far as we are concerned.

    Linda Blair

  • Free Amy Fisher - Lord knows why this story hung around forever. Probably because Amy is one hot little fuck and lets face it, the prison time only adds to her eroticism. Well, she's out now and doing the talk show circuit promoting her book. Possibly a worse sentence for all concerned.

  • Amy Fisher Hot Amy Fisher Worried, still HOT

    Amy Fisher Mug Shot


Magazines and Commercial Sites

  • Patricia Marsh - Great professional Mistress site with photo gallery, fetish stories and large link directory
  • Tied Girls - Nice bondage photo site.
  • Secret Magazine - Cool magazine site

  • Bedroom Bondage - Lorelei's site seems to have a little of everything, chat, articles, stories, her own porn pictures and of course, the ubiquitous links to porn sites of a filthy and degrading nature. In other words, quality. The expression on the models face in the free tour is perfect. Likewise, the messed up hair is also good. Wed use this model here in an instant. If any complaint could be found it is only the erection stunting blue background of the page.


  • HP Lovecraft - This is where it all starts, at least to our minds here. .HP Lovecraft site