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SKU: 206005 7 Gates of Hell

7 Gates of Hell
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  • SKU: 206005 7 Gates of Hell

  • $17.95


The classic "seven gates of hell". When the cock is soft, the gates add significant weight that will make the wearer constantly aware of the device. As erection occurs the rings confine the cock and the smaller front ring is held down on the shaft by the leather strap. Note that this is less pronounced than with the five gates (see pictures for the five gates of hell elsewhere). The head soon becomes more and more engorged as the cock strains for further erection against the tightness of the front ring. This can be seen in the pictures showing the cock soft, and erect. The end ring on the seven gates is fairly small and considering the size of cock that would wear all seven gates it is extremely restrictive. If the cock is large enough, the seven gates can be worn while soft. There is quite a bit more clanking than with a the three or five gates and this can be a good thing. If there is concern about the noise when worn in public under jeans, restrictive undergarments as well as carrying a truckers style chain wallet can help make it less obvious. 7 gates dimensions: Largest ring: 2 inches inner diameter, Smallest ring: 1.25 inches inner diameter, Overall length: 5 inches.