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SKU: 206006 5 Gates of Hell

5 Gates of Hell
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  • SKU: 206006 5 Gates of Hell

  • $15.25


The classic "gates of hell" in three versions. All consist of a series of rings, the largest of which goes behind the balls. When the cock is soft, the gates tend to add a nice weight that leads to the confined feeling. As erection occurs the rings confine the cock and the smaller front ring is held down on the shaft by the leather strap. This results in a nice tight fit behind the head and much more constriction than is possible with other devices. The head soon becomes very engorged as the cock strains for further erection. This can be seen in the pictures showing the cock soft, and fully erect. Note how the front ring has moved down on the shaft. Note that the five gates of hell, unlike the seven gates of hell or three gates of hell, has a D ring at the end for attaching a leash. Largest ring: 2 inches inner diameter, Smallest ring: 1.25 inches inner diameter, Length from back to front ring: 3.75, inches Length from back ring to leash D ring: 4.25 inches