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SKU: 203021 2 Foot Patterson Whips

2 Foot Patterson Whips
Purchase 2 Foot Patterson Whips
  • SKU: 203021 2 Foot Patterson Whips

  • $120.00


Amazingly accurate, these spiral wrapped shorter 2' single tail whips are non cracking. They impart a slap in the case of the elk tip, or a sting in the case of the nylon tip. The latigo is in between these two, but really has its own sensation.. The unique spiral wrap construction is sure to catch the eye . The shorter length means that you will be able to use them indoors easily. Learning to use these is quite a bit easier than longer cracking type single tail whips. Three end styles are available: Elk slapper (shown on the very top whip) and Nylon stinger tip (shown on the very bottom whip). The bottom picture shows the elk tip on the left, latigo tip on the right.

These represent the last of these whips, as we have lost contact with Rodger Patterson and cannot get anymore. When they are gone, they are gone.